8 Best Web Hosting Service Providers in 2020

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Among the most important points for a website hosting service to be top, there are some stronger ones. Stability, for example, guarantees the user's safety when performing tasks. On the other hand, speed is essential for pages to operate with quality.

Following the most important points, the company's support is essential. Without quality support, the user can get stuck in problems that are easy to solve, resulting in unnecessary headaches.

Finally, security ensures that both the site itself and the people who access it have more peace of mind. Not to mention the part of preventing intrusions, data theft, and even hacking and sabotage. After all, you never know.

It is important to make it clear that we are listing the best website hosting according to recent results. Therefore, we will not put a list with classifications, but quality notes. Therefore, the order of the competitors may vary according to users and type of site.

AWS Hosting

AWS is currently one of the best web hosting service providers with a massive support system. Though their services are a little bit critical than any other web hosting services this is something really good to put your faith in. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides scheduled backups and virtual cloud storage, which are beneficial when something goes wrong and you need to get information about when the site was working properly. Its hosting service fully supports multiple platforms, including Joomla, Ruby, WordPress, and Magento. You can also use the Windows and Linux hosting options if you prefer.


Bluehost provides a variety of resources for its customers. You will enjoy almost every tool you can imagine to improve your web hosting service. The company fully supports a variety of encoding types, including PHP, Perl 5, Javascript, and Flash. You will enjoy an unlimited amount of disk space and email accounts available for use as you wish. 

Bluehost has room for improvement in the customer service department and they provide customer service support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is also a video library available to provide assistance with common technical support issues. 


It offers an enviable cost-benefit ratio. One of the largest website hosting in the world with quality and affordable prices. Hiring and renewal with values ​​that, in short, make the investment worthwhile. Finally, the servers are stable and there is a high guarantee of availability. The most important feature of HostGator is, they are the best website hosting provider if we think about customer support because they provide technical supports also at their best.


It is a USA based service provider that offers a very competitive cost-benefit ratio. In summary, we have an indication of this hosting by WordPress.Org. Focusing on gaining more space, it offers 100% availability. Domain in the band in the first year and free SSL are differentials, in addition to unlimited storage.


The GoDaddy has shown great power in the world and undoubtedly enters any list of the best 2020 web hosting servers that are very stable and offer various promotions to attract users. There are differently priced packages with a free domain and email for one year. That is, values ​​and quality are the main points.


If we evaluate the best website hosting 2020 in terms of speed, Hostinger would stand out. The intuitive and easy-to-use environment makes the tools much more efficient for inexperienced users. Ideal for those who are choosing their first accommodation.


The SiteGround stands out for the support and resources it offers. In short, this brings great quality in service provision. Offers free CDN, SSL, daily backup, and cache by default. In short, it is among the most comprehensive services among website hosting. It also offers plans with good prices and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting

The American hosting company gains space by offering very little. The plans are advantageous with very interesting e-mail and space features. Free domain and SSL certificate also in the range. Use the cPanel control panel. Registering a new domain or transferring a domain is made easier.

These are some of the best website hosting providers in the world gained popularity for their services, features, and price range. If you are a beginner, you should consider taking a hosting package from these hosting service providers or you may also look in other places for reasonable and trustworthy services.