How Digital Marketing Can Benefit Your Business?

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Your Online Presence Will Determine Your Success

From 2015 to July 2016, Political strategist Dominic Cummings lead an election campaign for Brexit to convince UK voters for leaving European Union and eventually won the election. But the question remains, how did he do that? During the election campaign, Dominic observed that people are always absorbed in internet devices and spend much of their time in social media. Considering the fact, he went to run his campaign online with the help of Cambridge Analytica. Instead of traditional campaign model, the Digital Marketing strategy throughout the campaign lead him to the success.

In today’s world, digital marketing is the key to success in branding your business and personal profiles. It is no surprise that the entire marketplace has been digitalized and rapidly evolving since its inception. As technology evolves, the digital marketing has been playing a vital role in increasing online presence and sky rocketing businesses. There is no doubt that your online presence mostly determines the success of your business for now.

According to Forbs Magazine, 82% of consumers search and research online before buying any product. Another report by TechCrunch says, 79% people are currently buying products online. It means the traditional marketplace is slipping down.  And the online business opportunities are growing. As a matter of fact, digital marketing is the only way to survive in the existing market.

Digital Marketing Increases Your Online Presence

Digital Marketing is the most powerful form of marketing and professionals work in various fields with effective tactics to grow your online presence. Digital marketing is a broad term consisting of different marketing mediums which can be either organic or paid. 


Search Engine Optimization is the most extensive tactic in digital marketing. It comprises many technical ethics including on page and off page optimization. Digital marketers conduct SEO audit to determine the existing web presence and search engine environment of your company website. By auditing, they conceptualize about the weakness and strength of your online existence and take relevant action toward the betterment of your web presence. To bring customers organically, you have no other options than a better SEO strategy.

Social Media

Social media is a vast platform to grow your business through the existing potential consumers and buyers on various social media platforms. As people spend a significant amount of time on social media, it has become one of the most popular medium to bring conversion and grow sales online. Even though you are not sailing your products online, Social media can boost your business. You can also let people know about your business through major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Through Social media paid campaigns, you can set your target audience to make the campaign more effective and bring a better conversion. Knowing the potential clients and audience for your business are the most challenging job and social media make it very simple.

Digital Marketing is The Most Budget Friendly Marketing Strategy  

Digital Marketing is the most cost effective strategy and small businesses can be benefited with the most effective marketing channels. Small or startup businesses have a very little resources to promote their products. Most of the startup businesses struggle to spend enough behind traditional marketing campaigns and due to the reason, they cannot compete with their competitors.

On the other hand, digital marketing comes with a better budget and provide better result. According to Gartner, 40% of respondents from their Digital Marketing Spend Survey says, they get considerable savings with better conversions. Only in US, Digital marketing budget expects to increase to $332 billion by 2021 which was only $168 billion in 2015.

Digital Marketing Helps Targeting Potential Audience

Digital marketing targets potential audience and spends according to the engagement. This is the reason that digital marketing is taking control over traditional marketing. Traditional marketing does not set any targeted audience and end up interacting with consumers blindly. When you campaign on social media or google, manual audience targeting can be done in various audience group.

A report says, 71% target audience is most likely to engage and converted as buyers. Through your engagement you will understand, how is your products doing in the market. Therefore it’s easy to determine whether your business is moving forward to success or failure.

Digital Marketing Can Be Measured 

In terms of spending and result, digital marketing can be measured properly. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is highly traceable. You can know when, where and how did you spend the money? The history of all your digital campaigns remain visible and you can measure the conversion rate in compare to the spending.

Eventually, you can actually control and guess the success and failure of campaigns. The social media analytics will even provide you with the information to understand, if the marketing strategy is working or not. So, with this you can easily and more effectively adopt a better strategy.

In short, we can perceive that the future of marketing is totally shifting toward digitalization. Though traditional marketing is still working in the existing market but digital marketing is the future. Currently it is occupying the startup businesses along with big giants. Due to the increasing online businesses, you must not forget that digital marketing is much needed for your business growth.