The Ultimate Benefits of Email Marketing for Businesses

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E-mail Marketing is a convenient medium of marketing for small and big businesses. They are highly effective not only in terms of results but also from an ethical and ecological point of view. It is not to mention that mobile phones and laptops have completely changed our office environment and emailing is now the most effective medium of official communication. In this article, we are going to discuss the 4 greatest benefits of email marketing that will definitely help you gain business prospects.

The Phenomenon of the Digital World

We live in an increasingly digitalized world. Our daily lives, especially those we live in big cities, are surrounded by technology.

This cultural phenomenon is due to multiple factors that have occurred throughout history and that explain the development of various technological innovations in the area of ​​marketing and mass communication. The main objective is that our message reaches more and more people and with the smallest possible cost.

In the last decades, we have also become aware of the scarcity and finitude of the planet's natural resources, which has contributed to the emergence of movements, campaigns, and legislation that seek to raise awareness in society and regulate the consumption of these resources (paper, plastics, water, etc.)

4 Great Benefits of Email Marketing

In this context, E-mail Marketing is an incredible tool not only in terms of efficiency and resource savings, but also to generate a very positive contribution to society on ethics and ecology.

Email Marketing is Effective

E-mail Marketing is the ideal way to reach thousands of people directly, quickly, and massively wherever they are. In relation to advertising in print media, you can segment and personalize your message to the maximum and even virilize your campaign on social networks, increasing its impact and open rate.

Another of its advantages is the possibility of using different formats: you can include images, music, videos, and all kinds of tools that help to capture the attention of your customers.

But that is not all, with E-mail Marketing you can almost immediately prove the success of a campaign through several reports that allow you to measure the rate of openness, clicks, and rejection, in addition to making personalized monitoring of the behavior of each user. This will allow you to apply the necessary corrections.

It is Very Economic

E-mail Marketing campaigns have a relatively low cost compared to other media such as radio, TV, SMS, graphic press, etc.

With E-mail Marketing, you can quickly reach your customers saving time and money. Even expenses with stamps, envelopes, and prints will be discarded. In this way, their capacity and potential destroy any other direct marketing alternative.

According to a study, the most powerful reason for doing E-mail Marketing is its low cost. Taking this information into account, just imagine how much you could save by sending a campaign to 10,000 people by email instead of using conventional postal delivery.

Contribute to Ecological Balance  

Both its production and distribution are developed in a digital environment without using almost any physical resource and saving tons of paper. Did you know that we lose approximately 90,000 square kilometers of forest each year due to the activity of the paper industry? Another reason to bet on E-mail Marketing!

Through your email campaigns, it will be possible to maintain fast and direct communication with your customers causing a minimal environmental impact. What do you expect to be among companies that use ecologically sustainable alternatives as part of their daily work?

Email Marketing is Ethical

Developed responsibly and with the premise of permission marketing, E-mail Marketing allows you to create ethical, sustainable, and respectful relationships with your registered users, personalizing and segmenting the offer that will perfectly meet the necessity of your target group.

To do this, just build your list with users who have actually registered with your campaign, without falling into wrong practices like buying a database.

If you are an aware businessman, email marketing should attract your business marketing plan because of its low cost and effective communication system. As part of your responsibility, you should also think about keeping the ecological balance that is more necessary for the world and for the next generation.