Why Should You Choose Laravel Framework for Your Web Development?

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For Laravel, the main programming language used is PHP, and to achieve a better performance in web applications and also to have a more beautiful and simpler source code, we use the Laravel development framework.

Laravel is an open-source framework, available to the public on GitHub. Its main objective is to allow the programmers to be able to work quickly and in an organized manner while keeping a lean and functional code.

The main premise of Laravel is to maintain sharp and beautiful code and its slogan is “The PHP framework for web artisans”. To achieve this goal, it makes use of the MVC development architecture (Model, View, Controller) and the PSR-2 development standard. These architectures focus on writing clean code and with good readability. In addition, it increases the coding speed, without forgetting important characteristics such as the security and performance of the application.

Doing a quick search on Google Trends, you can clearly see that Laravel is now the most popular framework available for use, so that the online community in forums and discussion groups are extremely active to help and answer questions that may arise from its users.

What Makes It So Popular for Web Development?

Apart from the fact that it is the most used framework at the moment, it is possible to list a few more items that stand out in it in relation to competitors.

1. Dependency Manager

Laravel uses Composer to manage its facilities. Composer is an amazing dependency manager. It is a tool that allows you to easily manage third-party packages for your application.

2. Documentation

Even in the documentation, Laravel stands out! It is very intuitive and you can easily find practically everything you need to know to get started and delve into all the resources available through the framework.

3. Route System

With Laravel, we can easily work with the concept of routes. In a very simple way, the routes map the URL typed in the browser for some action within your application.

4. Template System

Laravel uses a template compiler called Blade. Blade's big goal is to reduce the amount of PHP code inserted in the middle of HTML and increase reuse.

The two main benefits of using Blade are inheritance and sections, allowing you to easily work with the master page concept.

5. Eloquent

Laravel uses a Queries creator for database creation, in which you can implement your application without having to write pure SQL mixed with the code. The tool used for this purpose is Eloquent.

If the developer does not like to use Eloquent, there is still Query Builder functionality that allows easy creation of SQL queries for database operations.

6. Artisan

In Laravel, Artisan is an important element for web development which is a command-line interface providing with the facilities of several commands to the development of an application.

7. Authentication

One of the crucial parts of developing any web application is authentication, and developers often spend a lot of time generating these codes. Laravel facilitates this process as it organizes the authorization logic, while also organizing access to available resources.

Laravel is complete and has numerous features, which is one of the factors that contributed largely to its popularity. There are so many features that it is not possible to explain deeply one by one in an article without leaving it extremely long.

Given all the facts analyzed, it is clear that this framework is among the best today. Because it always succeeds in satisfying all the demands of web development. Any company that works with application development can confirm the advantages of using this tool within a large project.